Get a Newsletter REST API

Our REST API is developed to make it as easy as possible for you to
sync your external systems with your account on Get a Newsletter.

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Sync your information.

Instead of importing and exporting information back and forth between your own system and Get a Newsletter to keep everything in sync you can now use our API to automatically to that.

Add new subscribers with ease.

Make custom subscription forms just the way you like it, add new subscribers when a customers orders something from your web shop or when a new user signs up on your forum.


This is the third version of our API and here is a list of some of our key features:

  • Create, edit and delete contacts
  • Create, edit and delete lists
  • Display your newsletters
  • Send newsletters
  • Analyze your reports

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With our RESTful API it´s really easy to get started. Follow the steps beolw.

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