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| NorFor Feedstuff Table: Updated |

Report by Maria Åkelind

NorFor invests a lot of effort in keeping up to date with the dynamic dairy production. A good example is the continous work updating the NorFor Feedstuff Table  (NFT). This is a must-do, as it will provide more accurate feed values for the optimization of rations.

Last month, eight feedstuffs had been updated. These include four different types of soybean meal (Table 1), whole soybeans, roasted soybeans, soy expeller and soybean hulls (Table 2).

Table 1. Four different soybean meals had been updated in NFT.

()=The number of analyzes. T =number of analyzes comes from old table values. * values are derived from soy flour with feed code 2-53

As seen in Table 1, SoyPass has now higher degradation rates of crude protein (kdCP) and NDF (kdNDF) while the other three have the same values for iCP, kdCP, iNDF and kdNDF. Decorticated soybean meal usually has higher crude protein and lower NDF. The CP content varies with the origin.

For Swedish conditions, the soybean meal to be used has a new feed code: 18-33. It is the soybean meal from the company Denofa, which guarantees that the product is non-GM. The old code for common soybean meal is still in the feedstuff table (feed code 2-53) and depending on the origin, the crude protein content may vary a lot, e.g. the soybean meal from Eastern Europe has often lower crude protein. The most common soybean meal used in Denmark is decorticated (feed code 2-54) that has higher content of crude protein and lower NDF. Processed soybean meal, so-called SoyPass (feed code 18-9), has a lower proportion of soluble  crude protein and lower degradation rate of crude protein and NDF compared to the common soybean meal. 

Table 2. Values for whole soybeans, toasted soybeans, soybean expeller and soybean hulls before and after the update.

()=The number of analyzes. T =number of analyzes comes from old table values. * values are derived from soy flour with feed code 2-53. **values are derived from raw soybean with feed code 2-8

As shown in Table 2, plain untreated soybean differs from toasted soybean in the proportion of soluble crude protein (sCP). Soybeans and soybean expeller's iNDF and kdNDF are derived from analyzes on soybean meal. Soybean expeller has iCP and kdCP also from soybean meal.

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