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Introducing CTA-NorFor™

"Compact TMR Analyzer-NorFor” (CTA-NorFor™) is an add-on tool in the NorFor System. With CTA-NorFor™ the monitoring and review of the created rations is possible. An exercise often neglected in feed management practice.

That is why CTA-NorFor™ is an excellent tool to keep a close eye in your implemented rations and give anticipated results.

What is CTA-NorFor™?

With “Compact TMR Analyzer-NorFor” (CTA-NorFor™) you can monitor and review your TMR and dairy herd performance to maximize productivity and feed efficiency.
CTA-NorFor™ main goal is to evaluate what cows truly eat in comparison with the planed/expected feed ration.

 How does it work?

CTA-NorFor™ is based on ration sampling directly at the feed bunk. Samples are obtained directly from the feed mixer during unloading using 60-L buckets. After, sample reduction is done by coning and quartering to ensure that the final sample is represented the total mix.

When decided to work with CTA-NorFor™ materials (shipping materials and instructions) will be sent to you from the Laboratory for performing the sampling. After shipping the sample back to the laboratory (in Aarhus, Denmark), several analysis are made in order to give the user broad information about their TMR/PMR.

What to expect from the analyses? 

  • Dry matter.
  • Chemical composition (crude protein, soluble crude protein (NorFor), NDF, starch, crude fat, ash, crude fiber, sugar).
  • NorFor evaluation parameters: NorFor Protein (AAT20) and Energy (NEL 20).
  • Scoring of TMR/PMR samples according to the Compact TMR concept with scores for TMR structure, grass chunks and particle loss.
Example of a CTA-NorFor Report

Why is CTA-NorFor™ useful in the NorFor System?

CTA-NorFor™ will allow you to monitor what is genuinely delivered to the cows as compared with the formulated ration. After 7 days of receiving the sample, the laboratory will deliver the report comparing the TMR optimized in the NorFor Software and the actual TMR on farm. This will give the user the possibility to make corrections and improvement of the TMR/PMR in order to match the ideal ration. Also, the report will deliver a TMR score based on the physical structure of the TMR.

This activity in Denmark with complete success. Click the video below to see the whole process in a Danish farm.

If you are interested in CTA-NorFor™ contact Patrik Nordgren for more information.


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