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NorFor's 8th Annual Advisory Workshop.

20-21st September 2017 in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

This year's Advisory Workshop will focus on the trends and challenges of modern dairy production. The workshop will include several activities to cover this subjects. Some of the activities will be:

  • Lectures and discussions presented by different actors of the dairy industry covering modern issues and trends.
  • Presentation of cases from farms using NorFor software as their feeding tool. The cases presented will be from farms around Europe, allowing discussions on today’s challenges with a regional perspective.
  • Farm visit. AMS system allows individual feeding and use of the registered data , for example body condition automatic registration. How can a nutritionist best use this data to find maximum feed efficiency?
  • Hands-on the software. The main goal of this activity is to improve advisors’ knowledge of the software and maximize its potential. This includes a practical approach of the “Ration Optimizer” tool and a detailed explanation of NorFor’s “Feeding Control” tool. “Feeding Control” is included in the NorFor software and allows advisors to keep track of the farmers herd efficiently after optimizing your ration.

This workshop offers a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience between advisors from different countries and regions currently using the NorFor model. Also, it is a good chance for those who are interested in doing so. It will also increase the understanding of the NorFor system and IT tools. In other words, this workshop would strengthen the understanding in regards to feeding cattle in general and especially about the NorFor system.

A more detailed program with the specific activities and schedule will be announced later.

For more information and to register please contact Patrik Nordgren or Clementina Alvarez no later than August 1st, 2017. Cancelations will be accepted until the 20th of August 2017.


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