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NorFor Events for 2017

NorFor has several events planned in 2017, which emphasize NorFor's constant focus on development and commitment to its users. These events will be geared towards different groups such as users, researchers and students.

Scroll down to take a look at the schedule of events in chronological order.

Scientific Advisory Group - 6th April, Copenhagen.

One of NorFor’s strengths is its close relationship with research. NorFor has its own Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) consisting of representatives from universities in the Nordic countries. Researchers discuss their latest research and how the results can be applied in the NorFor model. Representatives from NorFor discuss their needs, which gives inspiration and ideas to the scientists. 

This year’s SAG will be held in Axelborg, Copenhagen. Among the topics to be discussed are: EFOS as lab-method for NEL20 or OMD20, sheep in-vivo trials, young stock methane production, comparison to the ALFH paper, NIR feaces among others. For more information about this year’s SAG contact Nicolaj Ingemann Nielsen

Nordic Feed Science Conference, 13-14 June, Uppsala.

Like last year, NorFor will again be part of the Nordic Feed Science Conference. To find out more about the Conference click here.

Master Course from Aarhus University, 7-17 August, Viborg.

Master Course "Feed Ration Planning in Dairy Cattle Herds" is organized by Senior Researcher Martin Riis Weisberg from Aarhus University (Denmark). According to Martin, "One of the main reasons NorFor has become the official feed evaluation system is because NorFor does an excellent job predicting the feed value, which is essential due to the high feed prices."

The main goal is to give students a theoretical background for feed ration planning using NorFor’s software. Furthermore, the course encourages an international environment. "For international students this course gives an advantage in order to learn Nordic systems, who are leaders in data collection", Martin says. The course includes farm visits for case evaluation, which enables students to plan, evaluate and discuss feed rationing in commercial dairy herds.

For more information on the course click here.

8th Annual Advisory workshop, 20-21 September, Wageningen.

This year’s Advisory Workshop will be held in Wageningen, The Netherlands. The main topics for discussion will be feed efficiency, optimizing feed rations with focus on milk by utilizing the roughage and best practices in feed analysis.

This workshop offers a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience between advisors across countries and regions that are currently using the NorFor model or for those who are interested in doing so. Such experience would strengthen the understanding in regards to feeding cattle and the NorFor system.

For more information and registration contact Patrik Nordgren.


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