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Faster broadband

Starting December 1st we will get ”Bredband 100/100” instead of todays deal ”Bredband 30”.  You can read more about what the product ”Bredband 100” means at Bredbandsbolagets website, but in short, we'll get faster broadband.

Comfort rules

Our "comfort rules" are updated and now visible both in our stairwells and on the website. Even though the main content are  rather obvious to everyone, the document  do contain important information that complement our by-laws (stadgar). Are you the best neighbor you can possibly be?

Escape routes

Once again we want to remind you that it's NOT allowed to use our common stairwells for storage of any kind. Escape routes always needs to be free from loose objects and flammable material. Loose objects will be removed for all tenants safety.

Last but not least, the tenant board recieves lots of emails with the same questions. We ask you to always check our website before you contact us. Most of the information important to us tenants are already published online. If you miss anything you're always welcome to contact us and we'll update the site as soon as we can.

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