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NorFor welcomes Jens Ole as Sales Representative and Senior Dairy Consultant

Effective immediately, Jens Ole Christiansen will act as Sales Represantative and Senior Dairy Consultant for NorFor in Central- and Eastern Europe.

Jens Ole has unique knowledge and expertise in dairying in many countries. He has more than 30 years experience servicing dairy farmers as an independent dairy consultant providing extensive nutrition and management consultation to dairies, focusing on the areas of feeding and inventory management, feed procurement, record and herd performance analysis, cow comfort, heat abatement, facilities, forage and crop plans, and heifer management in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Jens Ole also had a central role in the development of FirstFarms A/S dairies in Slovakia increasing its herd from 800 to facilities for 3.500 cows.   

Jens Ole operates from Láb Slovakia, a central position that enables NorFor to support dairies in over a wide area in central- and Eastern Europe. This means NorFor can now offer services onsite in many countries and regions during these challenging times our sector now experiences.  We now offer independent consultancy in economic optimizing of feed rations, enhancing feed efficiency, increasing profits and more all based on the NorFor Model.  

NorFor welcomes Jens Ole to the NorFor Team! 

Patrik Nordgren, NorFor Manager  

Jens Ole Christiansen can be contacted

Phone:+421 918 783 604 / +45 6574 1223

For further information contact Patrick Nordgreen +46 10 471 06 50.

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