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Significant improvements of the user interface

In this new version a lot of effort has gone into changes to the user interface and we have made more than 30 improvements. 

Previous users will still recognize the user interface and we are hoping that wider panels, an improved menu structure and better performance will make the interface more enjoyable to work with. Other changes include an improved filter and sort feature, a more intuitive player status display, larger thumbnails on playlist items and content, as well as improved scheduling and permission editors.

New features

  • Mail notices on player errors
  • Housekeeping functionality to clean up old or outdated content, log, statistics
  • “Remember me” function for quicker system login

Premium player

  • Improvements to installation and administration including a new start-up/administration screen that will cover the Windows desktop
  • Improved server communication using data from real players to lower bandwidth usage and improve performance

Xpress player

  • Improvements to scheduling, server communication and performance

Please see the list of changes for more details.

All of the above is introduced in version 2.15 of our Cloud/Server product. If you are a cloud user you will get information when your service will be updated, otherwise contact to get more information about this new update or to schedule a DISE Cloud demo.

Free DISE Cloud demo

Interested to get a glimpse of all the new feature? Contact us to get a free DISE demo in DISE Cloud.

New resellers

We want to welcome our new resellers in Norway and Mexico. They have participated in DISE Training and are now certified resellers. Please contact DISE sales department to get in contact with them.

End-user Training!

Every other Tuesday we offer online training sessions between 9 AM and 12 AM (GMT+1).We will offer these sessions in both Swedish and English. See schedule and sign up here.

Website in new languages

Have you checked out DISE website in Swedish, en español, po polsku?

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