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Newsletter from OIKOSNET Europe

June 2014

Here is the last Oikosnet Europe newsletter before the summer. Among other things, you will find information about the Annual meeting in Villigst in September. We are developing these newsletters as we go. If you have good ideas, and addresses to people that might have an interest in Oikosnet Europe, please send us an email oikosnetnewsletter@sigtunastiftelsen.se

We wish that all of you will have a great summer 2014, and hope to see you in Villigst!

Alf Linderman, Executive Director Sigtuna Foundation

Coming up!

Dear friends,

‘Europe: where does it begin, where does it end?’

This theme is chosen as the theme of the next Annual Conference of Oikosnet Europe. A right theme at the right moment? In my view this is the case. There have been elections in the European Union for the Parliament in the weekend of 25 May with quite some outcomes which seem to support a very limited view on Europe.  At the same day there were elections in Ukraïne: presidential elections. Part of that country had real difficulties to vote since the places to vote were not there. Obstruction or the consequence of an earlier vote about independency of some provinces of the Ukraïne? Have the so called ‘separatist’ defined Europe? And during the campaigns for these elections, several people came to the European Union by boat – initially to Lampeduza, Italy. Some of the refugees didn’t arrive there since their boat was overloaded and had sunk.

Where does Europe begin? I think to a great extend it starts in the minds of people. How broad are they looking to their lives? Or better: what is our own perspective and hope when we talk about the place of Europe in the world?


The Annual Conference in Villigst

Among others, this type of questions are on our agenda when we meet from 17 – 21 September in Villigst. Invitations for this Annual Conference have been sent. If you haven’t got the invitation, please ask your director, ask your colleagues or ask me. We warmly invite you to be present. Please register as soon as possible – this will be of great help to our colleagues in Villigst, which prepare our conference. Our deadline is 30 June.

General Invitation to AC

Registration form

Program preconference

Be welcome, exchange your thoughts about the future of Europe with us, start new projects, participate in running activities, get inspired!


Jaap van der Sar

President Oikosnet Europe


Email: president@oikosnet-europe.eu


European Forum for Media Religion and Democracy

As many of you know, Alf Linderman and the Sigtuna Foundation initiated the EFMRD project a few years ago. It was open to participation for members of Oikosnet Europe. Many expressed interest, and eventually there were workshops organized in Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland. A concluding event was organized in Sigtuna in May this year, and some twenty people from Oikosnet Europe and a dozen of people from overseas were present. As part of the program, we organized a public event with Ingrid Betancourt, Colombia, and Bishop Manu, Pakistan, as keynote speakers – with comments by Rüdiger Noll and Cecilia Wikström. Below there is a link to a video documentation of this event (more documentation will be made available later).

Ingrid Betancourt - Religion Society and Peace

German Protestant Kirchentag 2015

Save the date!

The 35th German Protestant Kirchentag will be taking place from 3 to 7 June 2015 in Stuttgart.

You are warmly invited to come and join in this celebration of faith, festival of participation and forum for lively debates. You will be able to experience stimulating discussions, good music and spiritual heights.  You will meet friends from Germany, Europe and the whole world and a number of Oikosnet Europe colleagues.

Read more

News from the Gender and Justice Network

During our last General Assembly we discussed the future of the Women’s Network. Since many years this Network organized a preconference before the General Assembly. Themes and points of interests were the situation of women, of migrants and minorities and topics connected with the politics and situation in the guest country. Around ten years ago the Women’s Network opened these conferences for men and women alike. To clarify this it was now decided to rename the Network. Read more

Rank A Brand - A partner for Oikosnet?

Oikosnet has been approached by an NGO called „Rank A Brand“, which has, for the time being,
branches in the Netherlands and in Germany. “Rank A Brand” evaluates companies and their
products (“brands”) according to ecological and social sustainability criteria. It´s aim is to encourage
producers to move towards sustainable production and consumers to become aware of sustainability

Read more

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