The week before Future Echoes we arrange a writing camp that ends when Future Echoes starts. Twelve songwriters from around the world meet and write songs for five days. The camp then also continues during Future Echoes in different formations when artists meet and write songs. This is Future Songs.

The camp goes with real live leads to write for, last year we had some great supervisors who gave us leads directly to commercials and TV series, but over the years the camp has written for prominent artists as well through our people from publishing world.

And we had some great success stories around it. This year the songwriter Rikke Normann got signed to Cooking Vinyl Publishing after they met on the camp. The camp got to expand to write songs for the Bulgarian superstar Mihaela Fileva in Bulgaria and from the camp, the songwriter Rebecka Digervall was picked. We also say congratulations to Matt Attard who participated in the camp and just got six times platinum for a song he wrote for the Norwegian star Peder Elias. MAZ from Luxembourg was on the first camp, don’t miss him on Reeperbahn this week (as well as Jack in Water, CHAiLD, The Garrys, Alina Amuri who also played at Future Echoes). We like to say, a good song can start in Norrköping!

Now we open the application to be part of 2024 years writing camp on our homepage

We hold it open to 30 of November.


To Future Songs this year we got two great songwriters from Latvia thanks to our friends on Music Export Latvia and support from The Swedish – Latvian Cooperation Fund. Latvia has their own great songwriting camp RIGaLIVE and it’s high time to seek that out. The application closes already 29 September. So be part of their 9th edition and seek out it today here or go to


If you were at Future Echoes special event Norrköping Music Days 2022 no one forgets .Music:s Robert Singerman's passionate speech about .music and Lyricfind. Now you can start to seek out .music. Dot Music is where you can get your own domain name .music. Like The good thing with .music is that only that domain investors are not welcome. .Music registrants must have a nexus to the music community, and the registry isn’t taking this policy lightly.

The doors open October 16 to March 10, during this period artists, and music companies can register their names. Then on April 9, 2024 it comes out the general market, still though you can’t just buy one you need to be affiliated with the music. After registering a domain, registrants must submit information at to verify their music bonafides. The registry will generate a “music score” to measure qualifications. Domains will remain on server hold until the registry validates rights to register the domain. You find it on 



It’s not easy to run a showcase festival. It looks easy on the surface; you get some people from the music industry to speak and get some artists to play and you are home. Nothing can be far from the truth. First of all, you need to understand that the more


I guess everyone that is an intake in some way always gets these hopeless people. We actually speak about them when we meet and have always fun stories about the weirdest ones. I’m talking about send-outs. As a former radio programmer and now as a booker more

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The application window to perform at Future Echoes is officially open, and our team is actively seeking talented artists. Don't delay – submit your application as soon as possible to be considered for this exciting opportunity. After all the first wave of artists is coming 30 of September on our pressparty in Norrköping during Kulturnatten.

In addition to Future Echoes, if you're on the lookout for more showcase opportunities, we have a curated list featuring numerous events from around the globe. We're delighted to announce that we've recently expanded this list with the inclusion of ten new showcases. Explore these new options and expand your musical horizons.


Maximizing your chances of gracing the stage at Future Echoes hinges on capturing our attention through live performances. Our dedicated team embarks on a global journey, attending around 60 showcases each year, in addition to numerous live shows. However, even if your performance doesn't make it to a festival, a mere encounter with us casts a spotlight on your artistry, allowing you to showcase your project.

Over the upcoming weeks, we're hitting the road to attend the following festivals. Secure your spot and join us:

  • Pro Weekend Fest (October 18th -22th): Meet us in  Castellón de La Plana in Spain in October. Tickets and info you find here

  • Fira B! (November 2th -5th): Meet us in Palma de Mallorca in Spain in November. Tickets and info you find here

Seize this moment to showcase your talent and amplify your presence on the Future Echoes radar. We eagerly await your performance and interaction

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