We are thrilled to embark on the exciting journey of reviewing the initial wave of applications on artists to play and participate in Future Echoes 2024 in Norrkoping, Sweden. Mark your calendars for March 21st to 23rd, and hold March 20th also, we're gearing up to unveil some remarkable surprises next week. While the application deadline extends until November 30th, we're already start booking. Anticipate the unveiling of our complete schedule in January 2024.

To join in, seize the opportunity to play, by filling out our application form available here.


 If you've recently explored our homepage, you've likely noticed our enhanced collection of editorial content. Among these additions is a comprehensive list of the Showcase festivals we meticulously track. This compilation provides you with a valuable panorama of diverse international showcases spanning the globe. What's more, we keep you well-informed about the application process and occasionally even share the impending deadlines, ensuring you never overlook the opportunity to apply for festivals you may later aspire to be part of.

Here is the list of Showcase Festivals


Right now, we suggest having a look at ESNS which closes its applications on 1 September. ESNS is only available for artists from Europe. The festival is focused on live and has over 400 festivals coming and seeking out acts to book for summer 2024. ESNS happening 17 to 20 January 2024.

MENT in Slovenia also closes their application on 1 September. One of the midsize festivals in Europe. If you look for good connections to Eastern Europe this is the place for you to play or participate. The festival is happening 21 to 24 of February.

Also, Monkey Week in Sevilla, Spain, 23 to 25 of November has still their applications open to play. If you are into Rock, Garage Rock, or similar, this is the place for you.

All links and dates or on our showcase page.


Maximizing your chances of gracing the stage at Future Echoes hinges on capturing our attention through live performances. Our dedicated team embarks on a global journey, attending around 60 showcases each year, in addition to numerous live shows. However, even if your performance doesn't make it to a festival, a mere encounter with us casts a spotlight on your artistry, allowing you to showcase your project.

Over the upcoming weeks, we're hitting the road to attend the following festivals. Secure your spot and join us:

  • The Node Stockholm, Sweden (August 16th): Future Echoes takes center stage to illuminate the art of showcasing and its inner workings. Join us at The Node, Stockholm's vibrant hub for music creativity, located at Sergelstorg. More details available here.

  • Pitch Scotland (August 19th - 20th): Glasgow becomes our destination as we engage with the urban industry and talented artists at Pitch. This free event, both live and online, requires registration on their homepage. Catch our insightful panels and connect with us.

  • Mastering the Music Business (MMB) - Bucharest, Romania (September 5th - 7th): Set in Bucharest, MMB stands out as a midsize showcase festival renowned for its prestigious speakers and unrivaled networking opportunities. Forge connections with music industry heavyweights and meet Future Echoes and see artists and participate in panels. Buy tickets here.

  • Waves Vienna - Vienna, Austria (September 7th - 9th): An unmissable midsize festival in Vienna, Waves Vienna (7th - 9th September) is the epicenter for emerging acts and invaluable networking. Particularly crucial for those interested in the GAS (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region, Buy tickets here.

Seize this moment to showcase your talent and amplify your presence on the Future Echoes radar. We eagerly await your performance and interaction

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