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Newsletter Oikosnet Europe May 14

Dear friends in Oikosnet Europe,

Here is the second newsletter from Oikosnet Europe. Below, you will find messages from our President Jaap van der Sar, from our Executive Secretary Rüdiger Noll, information about various projects, initiatives together with other relevant information. The development of the newsletter is work in progress, so please forgive us for any shortcomings. The list of recipients of the newsletter is also under development. We would like to reach all people that might have an interest in our association. Please let us know if you have the address to someone that you think should receive this newsletter (send adresses to alf.linderman@sigtunastiftelsen.se).



Alf Linderman


Oikosne(x)t - Oikosnet Reloaded

Over the last couple of years, the Oikosnet members engaged in a substantial debate on the vision, mission and future structure of our network of Academies and Laity Training Centres in Europe. This was a necessary, but also a bit inward looking excercise. Now time has come for implementation and a restart with all members on board. The 2013 Annual Conference in Liebfrauenberg gave the starting signal. Read more 

Next Annual Conference in Villigst, Germany, 17 – 21st September 2014

“Europe: where does it begin, where does it end?” is the theme of the conference day and the excursion during the 59thAnnual Conference in Villigst (Germany). In Villigst, near Dortmund, we will be in a region, which has undergone some substantial structural changes over the years. In a nutshell, we will get first hand experiences on how European policies and regional developments interrelate - for the better or for the worse. During our conference day, we want to discuss these experiences taking into account similar issues in other European countries. Read more

More about Rüdiger Noll

We are grateful to welcome Rüdiger Noll as a Executive Secretary of Oikosnet. He has started to re-connect with Oikosnet members and to link Oikosnet with other partners.

What is your background, Rüdiger?

For the last 22 years, until October last year, I have worked for the Conference of European Churches (CEC) in various capacities. In these years, I worked on issues related to justice, ecology and human rights and was part of organising the first and the second European Ecumenical Assembly in Basel (1989) and in Graz (1997). From 2001 onwards, I was the Director of CEC´s Church and Society Commission. Read more

Oikosnet International meets in Ghana August 2014

Oikosnet International is the umbrella for different Oikosnet-regions, like Europe, Middle East, and Africa. From August 27th– September 1st2014 the next encounter of Oikosnet regions takes place in the Hephzibah Christian Centre, Peduase (Aburi-Akuapem), Ghana. The meeting will be preceded by training in the conflict management tool, developed under the umbrella of Oikosnet: Dialogue for Peaceful Change (DPC). Date:  24 – 28 August 2014. Participants from all regions are welcomed. Training fee is almost zero where normal rates in Europe reach between € 1.000 - € 1.700. Travel costs are to be paid by participants in the training. Participants from Asia are announced; a trainer from Asia is invited to complete the team. Max. 24 participants. For further details: contact the European DPC-trainers in charge: Ingeberte Uitslag (i.uitslag@stichtingoikos.nl) and Jaap van der Sar (jvdsar@stichtingoikos.nl). 

Solar Creete - Solar Greece at Bad Boll

Connecting people´s participation and responsibility with sustainability is the idea behind establishing cooperatives which are promoting the use of renewable energy. The Academy of Bad Boll (Germany) is one of the places where this idea was taken forward and implemented in the foundation of an “Ecumenical Energy Cooperative” Read more

Pilgrimage Biking day in Vilemov

The Orthodox Academy Vilemov continues with its programmes concentrating on comunity development and mission,  promotion of renewable energy use and media work. One of their initiatives is organising a biking pilgrimage „On the Bike to St. Elias“ on 20th July, which promotes bike transport, friendship among people  and utilisation of  sustainable energy.  Read more

More news from our members

Corrymeela center

The center at Corrymeela is in order to celebrate it´s 50th anniversary next year. One of these is to welcome the Oikosnet annual conference in 2015. Colin Craig has just been appointed the new executive director, see the recent Corrymela News for April 2014 available on  www.corrymela.org  

St Andrews Biblical Thelogical Institute

St Andrews Biblical Thelogical Institute in Moscow presents several international seminars this summer and fall. They welcome you all to take part in their programs. Read more

Casa Caras

Although limited for several reasons in its ability to propose programs, Casa Cares remains an appreciated place for international meetings and training prepared by churches, schools and other organizations. At the moment they are offering two special visiting programs, one for members of Oikosnet Europe and one of a more touristy character.

Read more

The academy of Baden

At present the academy in Baden is running through a process of transformation because the corporate management has changed recently and will change even further. But the work is still going on. Two exemplary fields with which the Academy is concerned with are this time: 
Media, Religion and Culture: Connected to this topic the academy offers series of lectures with the title “The little androids”.

Read more

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