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SMaRC – Swedish Maritime Robotics Centre
Newsletter #3, 2019

Save the date: SMaRC Day, February 5!

Make sure to block the afternoon on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 for next year's SMaRC Day at the KTH Campus. You'll hear about the frontline of underwater robotics research, and meet the SMaRC people and robots!

All about the SMaRC Day will regularly be published on smarc.se/smarc-day

SMaRC doctoral students, research engineers and researchers in the SMaRC lab. Photo: Lars Edman/SMaRC

SMaRC’s doctoral students gathered at academy workshop

SMaRC held an academy workshop with researchers, doctoral students and research engineers in all different SMaRC projects, on November 15, 2019 at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The purpose of the day was to get all better informed on what the other projects were doing. The students presented achieved results and goals for their doctoral studies.

More about the ongoing SMaRC projects on smarc.se/projects

SMaRC's AUV Lolo testing diving and surfacing manoeuvres, watch her on Youtube.

Busy days for SMaRC's AUV “LoLo”

“LoLo”, one of SMaRC’s autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), have been out testing outside of Lidingö, near Stockholm. The main purpose was to tune the control systems and the vehicles dead reckoning.

Watch a film on Youtube with LoLo testing diving manoeuvres

SMaRC on Digitalize in Stockholm 2019

SMaRC had an exhibition stand at the conference Digitalize in Stockholm in Kistamässan.

About the conference on smarc.se

More presentation material about SMaRC

Learn about SMaRC with our film, brochure and illustrations. Please feel free to spread the information in your networks!

Presentation material on smarc.se

SMaRC Publications:

  • “Non-Coherent Acoustic Modulation for Energy Constrained Underwater Platforms”, Viktor Lidström, Elias S. Erstorp, Magnus L. Nordenvaad, Peter Sigray, Jakob Kuttenkeuler, Conference proceedings, 2019
  • “Towards a Cyber-Physical System for Hydrobatic AUVs”, Bhat S., Stenius I., Bore N., Severholt J., Ljung C., Balmori I.T., Conference proceedings, 2019
  • “Machine Learning for Inferring Depth from Side-scan Sonar Images”, Yiping Xie, Master thesis, 2019

More SMaRC publications on smarc.se

SMaRC in Media:

More SMaRC media articles on smarc.se

SMaRC Events 2020:

  • February 5: SMaRC Day, KTH Campus, Stockholm
  • February 8–28: RAN under ice tests, Härnösand
  • March 2–6: SMaRC measurement campagin, SAAB facility, Motala
  • May 26–27: Havs- och vattenforum, Göteborg
  • September: Ocean2020, Hanöbukten

Contact us!

SMaRC – Swedish Maritime Robotics Centre
KTH Royal Institute of Technology 
SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden 
+46 (0)70 288 82 63


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